In today’s multimedia environment, it is no longer possible to rely on just print to execute a marketing plan or creative project. From consumer to B2B, a digital execution is needed to attract eyeballs to your message. AMC Publishing has over ten years of Fortune 500 experience in developing websites and online advertising. We also know how to make it work for mom and pop businesses as well.


We can help you achieve your goals in web development or on mobile platforms. We pride ourselves on creating the most cutting-edge digital assets using the latest technologies, including HTML5 and IPhone/IPad platforms. We also handle more traditional projects including video and end of year presentations direct to dvd or other formats.


Currently, we offer the following digital services:


Website Development – Need a website? We can make you a billboard for the information highway. One of pitfalls most web designers and developers fall into is over designing for their clients, making the end product hard to use or update. We are not making a website for us, we are making it for you. We never forget that. If you need a place on the internet, we can help with the design, deployment, search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine market (SEM). You name it, we’ve done it, and we are ready to make the internet work for you.


Web-based Creatives – One of the most popular ways to advertise on-line is with web banners. Do you need a Flash or JPG/Animated GIF banner? We can quickly execute an web-based creative for you that will work on any platform tailored made to your marketing campaign.


Ipad/IPhone Development – With all the current buzz about the Apple line of mobile products, many are searching for a way to enter this marketplace. Most of the solutions are very expensive, often producing subpar Apps in respect to your marketing needs. Here, as always, AMC Publishing takes the “fitting” approach, where we make sure the app is exactly what you need and you understand, and can update, the technology behind it.


Video – From real estate to product demonstration, sometimes the simpliest way to demonstrate your idea to your potential client or consumer is with video. We offer a full-line of services that covers the entire process from pre-production to distribution. So if you are looking for a video asset for your website or a local commercial for television, we are ready for action.


Corporate Communications – Shareholders meetings and other major presentations are stressful enough without you worring about the production and quality of the material. We are ready to help you create the perfect digital asset that is specific to your needs. No matter what the distribution model, be it streaming web or packaged dvds, we will make sure your presentation is on point.